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When you are working to reach a child custody agreement or need to rearrange your visitation schedule, you want the help of an experienced child custody attorney. Arnold, Beyer, & Katz can assist you with a variety of child custody issues.

Our firm stays up-to-date on changes relating to child custody law. We make sure to handle legal situations involving children in the most professional manner, with a focus on compassion and a reliance on our years of experience. We can assist you with child support and custody issues and serve as your advocate in order to provide helpful legal advice. Call 717-394-7204 today to schedule a consultation with Arnold, Beyer, & Katz in Lancaster, PA.

We make every effort to mediate an agreeable settlement

We make every effort to mediate an agreeable settlement

When you file a custody action in Lancaster County, a meeting with a custody conference officer will be held to determine if the parents can come to an agreement. As a professional who is experienced in mediation, our attorney can assist you with:

  • Parenting plans
  • Visitation schedules
  • Plan revisions
Our family law attorney will always keep your best interests and those of your child in mind. Contact Arnold, Beyer, & Katz today to discuss your case with a child visitation attorney.