Who Offers Estate Planning Services in Lancaster, PA?

Arnold, Beyer, & Katz will guide you through the process

You pay attention to what happens to your property and finances while you’re alive, so you expect the same level of care to take place when you’re gone. Arnold, Beyer, & Katz offers estate planning and administration services to make sure your wishes are carried out.

It all starts with collecting, inventorying and appraising your assets as a prelude to paying any outstanding debts. Estate taxes will be filed and paid before distributing your remaining assets to your beneficiaries. Arnold, Beyer, & Katz is experienced in these matters, and we’ll do our best to explain and simplify the process for you. Call 717-394-7204 to discuss estate planning in Lancaster, PA.

We can help you set up wills and trusts

We can help you set up wills and trusts

Arnold, Beyer, & Katz will walk you through estate planning process. We offer an array of estate planning services, including:

  • Managing estate assets
  • Drafting or amending a will
  • Establishing a trust
  • Setting up long-term provisions
  • Preparing end-of-life arrangements
We know these decisions can be difficult to make and that there are challenging situations involved. We take pains to personalize our services to meet your needs. Contact Arnold, Beyer, & Katz today to get advice about estate planning.