Distribute Your Loved One’s Assets Fairly

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After a death in the family, it can be hard to think clearly and logically. Fortunately, you can trust an objective outsider to help you handle logistical issues. The probate attorneys at Arnold, Beyer, & Katz offer top-notch legal assistance to clients who have recently experienced loss.

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Wills, trusts, asset distribution and more

A talented probate attorney can take a huge load of stress off your plate. The attorneys at Arnold, Beyer, & Katz will:

  • Probate an estate whether or not there was a will
  • Work closely with the executor of your loved one’s estate
  • Take some of the work off your estate administrator’s plate
  • Determine whether or not you owe estate taxes
  • Secure all of your loved one’s assets
  • Serve as power of attorney when required

You’re in great hands when you hire Arnold, Beyer, & Katz to help you probate a will in Lancaster, PA. Schedule a consultation at the law office of Arnold, Beyer, & Katz to get started with the probate process.